Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013


I'm sick of it!
You  asked me doing something, and blamed me in after i did it. If i were wrong, tell me the right one calmly. Don't judge me wrong, slow or others-me-in-your-mind.

You should know that I'll try my best. Even I cannot do it. I'll try. Dont be afraid.

I do need your hugging, your voice in low intonation. I knew that is your character, but would you like to be calm to me. You said that every children has their treatment. You make me understand that the wrong get the punishment, the high voice and your angry. I'll cry then in my bed.
I promise, I won't give my children the same treatment. I'll prove that Angry is not everything. The angry is not the best way in educating children. I'll prove it.


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